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    Colour Pendulum

    This experiment is called Colour Pendulum because the pendulum makes beautiful oscillating patterns with colours. First, take a paper or plastic cup. Then poke a hole under it. Next, attach strings to it and hang it to a frame like in the video. The last thing to do is fill the cup with colours and let it spin. Watch the video to find out.

  • Science

    Oobleck: Solid or Liquid?

    The name Oobleck comes from Dr. Seuss’ book Bartholomew and the Oobleck (amazon.ae or amazon.in). We made oobleck with corn flour and water. It is a non-Newtonian fluid like toothpaste, ketchup and quicksand. If you put pressure on it, it behaves like a a solid. Otherwise it behaves like a liquid. We had fun making and playing with it.

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    Colours with Red Cabbage

    This is an amazing colour experiment using red cabbage juice. Acids turn pinkish and bases turn bluish when the juice is added. We really enjoyed doing this. Please watch how we did this.

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    Liquid Flag

    This experiment uses liquids of different densities. The most dense liquid goes to the bottom while the least dense liquid stays on top. We used this principle to create layers of three different liquids – supersaturated sugar solution with green food colour, milk and oil. Watch the video to see how we did this.

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    Pepper & Soap Experiment

    This is a very simple experiment with just pepper and soap. The sprinkled pepper powder quickly moves away when dish washing soap is added. This is because soap changes the surface tension and pushes the water molecules and pepper away. Be warned that the pepper will have to be replaced each time you add soap. For your safety, please use safety goggles since pepper can sting your eyes.

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    Archimedes’ Principle: Floating Boat

    This video is a simple experiment to show Archimedes’ Principle. The principle states that an object will float if the weight of the water displaced by the object is more than the weight of the object. A heavy boat floats because of this.

  • Science

    Reversing Arrow

    This is an amazing experiment using water. The direction of the arrow changes when a glass of water is kept in front of it. Watch the video to see it in action.